We are full time mommies, best friends and part time content writers for an internet marketing company. The stuff we get paid to write is not fun, or exciting, or particularly fulfilling. So we figured maybe we should try to write stuff that was some of those things, some of the time.

Who are we?

L is a – gasp – newly thirtysomething wife and mom to two kids who we’ll call Jack (almost 4) & Ginger (almost 2). Those are not actually their names. We live in Maine with the kids’ dad – who also happens to be the boss of aforementioned internet marketing company. The fun never ends, I tell you.

K is a fabulously brillant socialite who attends red carpet events and spends her free time playing professional tennis and dating male models. Momma who is lucky enough to be married to her high school sweetheart. They have two daughters named Hazel (almost 4) and Rose (1 year). 1 dog, 1 guest dog and a cat named Blue Cheese. She loves her job, all things marketing and advertising related and her wardrobe consits of glorified mommy wear (aka sweatpants).


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