Being a momma of two is hard work. When you first bring home baby number two you’re overwhelmed, sleep deprived and guilt ridden. Let me tell you ladies…that’s nothing. Enjoy that time when your second baby closely resembles a lump and kind family and neighbors offer casseroles and baby holding. It’s short lived.

Fast forward 15 months. That squishy baby is now a climbing, running, screaming, demanding little person who will not settle for anything less than your full attention.

I’ve been feeling like I’m treading water trying to keep up with both of their needs. Hazel wants to play a game but Rose wants to throw the game pieces across the room. Valid activities due to their ages but it leaves me lost. Do I try to play with Hazel while blocking Rose’s participation (demolition) or do I deny Hazel the attention and try to captivate Rose with another activity. It’s a lose lose.

As these situations build I end up feeling like a less than adequate momma. I wish this next paragraph would provide you with an insightful solution as you watch me ride out into the sunset…but sadly, I’m still learning, and fumbling, and welcoming suggestions. For now I’m going for a little extra one on one time.

Hazel  has dance class on Fridays. When possible I leave Rose at home for some daddy time and focus on Hazel. We both get excited for our adventure. Several times on our way she says “Hazel & Mommy time right?” That’s right sister, you earned it.

As soon as I get Paisley down for a nap Hazel looks at me “Hi Ho Cherry O?” We scramble to find the game, lay out the pieces and start filling our buckets. Sister always wins. Always.

When I was pregnant with Rose I worried about how a second child would fit in a world I believed revolved around Hazel. But as all mommies learn, when that second baby is born your heart grows.

On the days Hazel has pre-school R and I head out on little adventures. Story times, shopping and now our first music class. It feels great to give her this one on one time.

And when Hazel is ready for bed at 6:30 on a school night Miss R has a little life left in her. She usually gets to spend it cuddling up with both Will and I, cause really, when else does that happen.

It’s the little things. Ho Ho Cherry O!