It happened fast. Probably because we weren’t expecting it. My friends and I have grown accustomed to visiting with each other while our kids play nearby. They don’t need constant supervision so if we have a visual on them we’re good.

All of a sudden tiny little 6 month old Liz screams from her jumperoo. Not the, “I just soiled my diaper so hurry on over and clean me up” cry, or the “you’re not paying attention to me and I’m hungry” cry. It was the “I’m in pain…help” cry that will send shivers down the spine of every mother in the room.

And what should we find when we turn around but baby vampire Rose sinking her teeth into baby Liz’s cheek. Rose stopped when we all looked at her but the teeth marks in Liz’s cheek were epic. There was no blood, no broken skin but those marks were so deep I was immediately both shocked and mortified.

My baby’s a biter. It didn’t matter that she was cutting four molars. My 14 month old toddler had just bit her friend. She’s a biter.

I’m the mom that shields my baby’s from the biter, pusher, and toy swiper. I nod forgiveness when a child acts physically towards my kids. But today I am the mom of a biter. Other moms will keep a close eye on my little biter to ensure their children are safe and had Liz’s mom not been a dear friend and second time mom I’d probably be knocked off her phone list.

I suppose part of being a Mom is having to deal with a few embarrassing characteristics in your children now and then. My eyes have been opened and I have an apology to give. 

Dear Momma’s,

I’m so sorry I judged you after your child (bit, hit, pushed, kicked, stole from) my child. I’m sorry I felt thankful that my child wasn’t a (biter, hitter, pusher, kicker, stealer).

Don’t worry. I got mine.


The Vampire baby’s Momma